Packaging “potential stocks”? Why cartons?

In recent years, my country's economy has been developing rapidly, but while developing the economy, the concept of green environmental protection has also been more and more valued by the public. For example, the practice of reducing use of disposable chopsticks, fast -food boxes, plastic bags, etc. is exactly the concept advocated by everyone. In the packaging industry, experts from China Packaging Network believe that carton packaging is a huge "potential stock". Why do you say that?


In terms of environmental protection, carton packaging is environmentally friendly for plastic packaging packaging, because the raw materials of carton boxes can easily be degraded and will not cause pollution to the environment. So carton packaging in this area is dominant.

China Packaging Network experts have found that in the past 20 years, in order to meet the needs of modern packaging, major changes have undergone the structure of carton mold cutting and its mode of production. The use of carton packaging in my country has the following six advantages:

Advantage 1: Large amount of carton packaging, high economic benefits;

Advantage 2: Carton packaging is convenient for mechanized production and boxing sealing operations, high production efficiency is easy to achieve standardization of packaging;

Advantage 3: The weight of the carton packaging is light, which is easy to load and unload and move, which can avoid or reduce the damage rate during the loading and unloading process;

Advantages 4: Cost and circulation costs for carton packaging and circulation are low. The price of three -layer carton of the same size is only 1/3 of the wooden board box, which can save about 20%of the freight; it can convert a wooden box product into two cartons in time, which can save savings, which can also save can also save savings. The freight is more than 10%;


Advantages 5: Clean and solid boxes are tightly closed and firm. When plastic lining in the box, it has good dustproof moisture and anti -moisture and anti -moisture and anti -moisture resistance;

Advantage 6: Carton packaging can be folded and flattened. It is easy to save and easy to carry when stored, and it is easier to handle or recycled after using the carton;

Advantages 7: The cardboard box is easy to leave traces of the stolen goods in the box, which can effectively prevent the theft of the goods. In addition, the insurance company accepts water stain insurance and theft, and cannot mention cargo insurance;

Advantages 8: Carton packaging can also be customized according to customer requirements, combined with current popular culture, to convey the brand image by more easily accepted ways;

In summary, Chinese packaging experts believe that the carton packaging industry still has huge development potential. Domestic manufacturers must actively improve the technical level, improve the industry's adaptability to the market through technological innovation, and better meet customers' needs for packaging.

Post time: Jan-20-2023